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Against the Trans Pacific Partnership
In February 2015 we sent a letter to our United States Senators and Representatives opposing the "fast track" treatment of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership. The letter lists extensive reasons why this proposal is a fundamentally flawed idea.
A Song for Our Time
Here is a video of SDTC member Peg Espinola —our poet laureate and song writer and singer extraordinaire—performing her new song "Backward, Backward We are Marching" at the September 20 SDTC meeting, with the rest of the SDTC serving as a supporting cast (albeit unrehearsed) for the refrain. And here are the lyrics.
Preliminary Cost/Benefit Analysis of Three Destination Casinos in Massachusetts

... Studies on the topic of Massachusetts casinos have lacked a strategic business model perspective on the potential benefits of the casino industry to the state. Qualitative commentary has focused on social ills, rather than considering how casinos fit or don’t fit into the Massachusetts economy and its inherent strength’s and weaknesses ... (Full Report)

Letter to Representative Cheryl A. Rivera on bill H.1881 that that opposes elements of the USA-Patriot Act

Dear Ms. Rivera:
The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee has been following the progress of H.1881 for some time and favors its timely approval by the legislature. Indeed, our Committee was instrumental in the passage at town meeting 2004 of a Sudbury resolution that opposed elements of the USA-Patriot Act, Presidential findings, and administrative actions that we believe are dangerous to civil rights or unconstitutional under any reasonable reading of the US Constitution... (Full Letter)

Issues Paper:  The Case for Rapid and Complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq

The tide of events has made it both logical and essential for the U. S. to end the military occupation of Iraq and free the fledgling government of that country to function independently. The invasion and occupation, based on outrageous distortions and imperial ambition, have greatly damaged Iraq physically and socially and have shredded American prestige and credibility... (Full Paper)

Op. Ed.:  The Case for Rapid and Complete Withdrawal of U. S. Forces from Iraq

We began the war in Iraq with lies. There never was any linkage between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda. Iraq never had the capability of endangering the US with weapons of mass destruction, even if it had them. President Bush had decided to invade Iraq long before March 2003, and applied undue pressure on the CIA and others to provide doctored evidence to justify an invasion... (Full Op. Ed.)

Edward M. Kennedy in Memoriam

What did he care about? It would take a book to list it all. But he spoke for what is best in America|what is best in us all|and his vision was broad... (More...)

Statement in Support of Occupy Boston

The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee expresses its appreciation and gratitude and support for the people who have started and who continue the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Boston movements, and similar ones in city after city across our country... (Full Statement)

Single-Payer Universal Health Care — An Idea Whose Time Has Come —

Our country has first-rate medical schools, performs stunning medical research, and has a large number of wonderfully capable doctors. Yet in spite of this - our infant mortality rate is 47th among all countries in the world, our life expectancy for babies born today is 50th in the world, the wealthiest third of U.S. citizens have about the same level of health as the poorest third of British citizens, we spend about $7000 per person each year on health care, about twice what other developed countries spend. There’s a real disconnect here. We’re going to examine the reasons for this and what can be done about it... (Complete Paper)

Sudbury Democratic Town Committee Social Security Subcommittee Report: Honoring the Compact, Keeping the Trust

Many claims have been made about the Social Security system and its supposed failings and long- and short-term weaknesses. We can't address them all here, but we do consider the major ones, from a purely factual point of view... (Full Report)

Social Security Privatization – A Bad Idea

President Bush insists that Social Security faces insolvency, is “broken”, “bankrupt”. His “fix” is partial privatization of Social Security. He proposes to allow or require workers 55 and younger to divert about one-third of their Social Security payroll taxes into private accounts invested in the equities market. These private accounts would not be insured against high service fees, losses from market fluctuations, bad investment decisions, or malfeasance of investment brokers. Moreover, unlike Social Security’s guaranteed income, private accounts could run out in old age... (Complete Paper)

May 23, 2010 Sudbury State Treasurer Candidate Forum

Candidates Steve Grossman and Stephen Murphy will make brief presentations on their candidacy and also participate in a questions and answers session. This program is an excellent opportunity for voters to meet the candidates in person in a relaxed setting in advance of the State Democratic convention in early June, and before the State Primary Election in mid-September... (More...)

The Iraq War and the Accountability of President Bush

Congress voted to authorize President Bush to launch a preemptive war against Iraq because the Administration had convinced Americans that Iraq was an immediate and major military threat to the US. Particularly in matters of war and peace, the President is required to exercise good judgment, be well informed and speak sober truth. Congress, in believing the President’s assertions regarding Iraq, was profoundly deceived... (More...)

In Support: Getting out of Afghanistan

For Consideration by the Middlesex, Norfolk, Worcester Democratic Alliance of Massachusetts: Since the war in Afghanistan has been waged for nearly a decade and has become the longest war in United States history with over 10,000 American men and women either killed or wounded, we believe that the government of the United States of America should develop and implement without delay a plan for a swift end to engagement and withdrawal from Afghanistan... (More...)

Letter to Governor Deval Patrick on the Proposed Casinos in Massachusetts

Dear Governor Patrick,
At our meeting of 24 October 2007, a resolution was approved as follows: Resolution of the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee Against Casino Gambling... (Full Letter)

Letter to Philip W. Johnston, Chairman, Massachusetts Democratic Party, on Impressions of the Recent Convention in Worcester, 2-3 June 2006.

Dear Mr. Johnston:
Notwithstanding the generally good organization of the Convention, relative to the debacle of 2002, the delegates were disappointed by procedures and circumstances that detracted from an otherwise useful and pleasant meeting... (Full Letter)

Robert Drinan to Speak at Democratic Fundraiser

Former U.S. Congressman, Reverend Robert F. Drinan, will be the featured speaker at a Democratic fundraiser on Sunday, September 19th, from 3-5 pm at the Longfellow Club located on Route 20 close to the Wayland-Sudbury line in Massachusetts. Drinan’s talk is entitled, “Vietnam to Iraq: A Moral Journey”. The event is sponsored by the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee... (Full Anouncement)


In the essay that follows, we consider some issues by way of example to illustrate the path that a resurgent Democratic Party might take to lead the country from its present state of neglect and dismay into a more just and hopeful future. The essay is intended principally for legislators and state and local Democratic Committees, but might be of interest more broadly. We hope that the views represented herein will afford food for thought and, in some cases, a different reality... (Full Essay)

SDTC Unanimously Endorsed Massachusetts Senate Bill 12, Establishing an Independent Redistricting Commission

Please be advised that the SDTC unanimously endorsed Massachusetts Senate Bill No. 12, PROPOSAL FOR A LEGISLATIVE AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION ESTABLISHING AN INDEPENDENT REDISTRICTING COMMISSION AND CRITERIA FOR REDISTRICTING, with the unanimous recommendation that the word, “private”, be struck from the phrase, “… a private institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth…” on line 10 of page 3 of the Bill.... (Full Endorsement)

Letter to Senator Russell D. Feingold

Dear Senator Feingold:
The following statement was unanimously approved by the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee at its meeting of 14 March 2006, Beverly Guild, Chairperson: “The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee of Sudbury, Massachusetts, wishes to express its support for the effort of Senator Feingold to censure President George W. Bush for his approval of illegal wiretapping. We hope that your are joined in this matter by all other Democratic Senators... (Full Letter)

Letter to Chris Gabrieli Requesting that He Withdraw From the Gubernatorial Race.

It is our opinion that the campaign resources of the Democratic candidates ought not be wasted in primary battles lacking reasonable spending limits. We find your recently proposed spending limit in excess of $15 million and your refusal to accept public support and reasonable spending limits in the primary campaign as a cynical ploy contrary to the values and interests of the Massachusetts Democratic Party... (Full Letter)

Letter Regarding the Nomination of Alberto Gonzales for US Attorney General

...We view Alberto Gonzales' nomination for US Attorney General as a national disgrace and urge our Representatives and Senators, indeed, all public figures of good conscience, to oppose it publicly and forcefully... (Full Letter)

Letter to Chairman Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Regarding the Convention Reform Commission

Dear Mr. Johnston:
Rather than having a state-wide issues convention semiannually on every off year, the Statement of McGowan and Barnoski proposes that the Party Chair be empowered to call an issues convention only when necessary; otherwise regional meetings would suffice. These proposals were discussed at our monthly meeting on 17 July, but were not met with favor and acceptance... (Full Letter)

Weekly “Bring Them Home Now” Vigil Anouncement

My vote against this misbegotten war is the best vote I have cast in the United States Senate since I was elected in 1962.
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy... (Full Anouncement)

Statement of the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee regarding acts of war by the U.S. against Libya

The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee opposes the involvement of the United States in air attacks against the government and armed forces of Libya on grounds that... (Full Statement)

Letter to U.S. Representative Martin T. Meehan Supporting H.R. 4232 to End the Iraq War

Dear Marty,
I am charged, by a unanimous vote of the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee on the 16th, instant, to urge you to support and co-sponsor James McGovern’s bill, H.R. 4232, which calls for an end to all funding for the deployment of U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq and their safe and orderly withdrawal... (Full Letter)

Letter to U.S. Representative Martin T. Meehan Regarding His 23 April 2003 Visit

Dear Mr. Meehan:
In behalf of the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee (SDTC), I wish to thank your for having found time from your legislative duties to visit us and discuss frankly a variety of issues of great interest in these politically troubled times... (Full Letter)

Letter to U.S. Representative Martin T. Meehan Regarding Your document advocating withdrawal of US military forces from Iraq

Dear Mr. Meehan:
At the last meeting of the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee on 23 June, we reviewed your Withdrawal-from-Iraq document and wish to thank you for your valuable contribution to this important question. You present the logic and need for military withdrawal with great clarity and force. But reason alone may not be enough... (Full Letter)

Editorial on the Financial Burden of Military Spending

One of the issues that Congress seldom debates, and about which there is much public misunderstanding, is the large and growing cost of the US military machine and the cost of war. We believe with others that our military burden has reached critical proportions that threaten adverse economic and social consequences. This two-part editorial is intended to further awareness and discussion of the issue of military costs... (Full Editorial)

Peace Vigil Announcement

The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee is sponsoring a candlelight vigil for peace on the evening of Saturday 24 September from 7-8 pm on the town common at Concord Road and Route 27... (Full Anouncement)

Letter To President George W. Bush Regarding Karl Rove's Recents Comments

Dear President Bush:
Karl Rove’s recent comments about liberals on 22 June were out of line, and he should apologize for this mean spirited affront... (Full Letter)

Resolution to Give UN Arms Inspectors in Iraq Time to do Iheir Job

The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee believes that it is essential that the United Nations inspectors in Iraq be given the time to do their job. We are not apologists for Saddam Hussein, but we see no evidence that would justify an invasion of Iraq... (Complete Text)


...WHEREAS, we believe these civil rights and liberties are now threatened by: The USA PATRIOT Act, those provisions of the Homeland Security Act, and those Executive Orders that threaten our civil rights and civil liberties; THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT... (Full Anouncement)

Letter to FCC Chairman Kevin J. Martin Regarding Pat Robinson's Recent Public Statements

Dear Mr. Martin and other members of the FCC:
I am charged to convey to you the shock and dismay of the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee over the statement made by Pat Robertson on Monday 22 August 2005 to the effect that the United States should assassinate the democratically elected President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez... (Full Letter)

Letter to Massachusetts Senator Pamela P. Resor Regarding the Massachusetts Emergency Health Powers Act

Dear Senator Resor:
S.597 is the Massachusetts version of the Emergency Health Powers Act model legislation that was prepared chiefly by the Center for Disease Control. We have examined the text of the second draft of this model and the text of S.597, which follows closely the text of the model, and find that we have both specific and general reservations about S.597. We discuss these reservations below and ask you to consider carefully the provisions and very need for the bill if or when it comes up for consideration... (Full Letter)

Anouncing a Panel Discussion on a Fair Taxation Policy

How can Massachusetts raise sufficient revenue to pay for needed improvements in our schools, safety net, roads and bridges, and other essential services? How can we do so in a way that is truly fair to all residents of our commonwealth? ... (Full Anouncement)

Draft Letter on Up-coming requests for war appropriations totaling approximately $120 billion.

The Bush administration soon intends to request from Congress an additional $120 billion to support US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of fiscal 2006 and beginning of 2007. This sum would be in addition to the $320 billion that has already been spent or approved by Congress for these wars. Given this prospect, the Sudbury Democratic Town Committee, at its meeting of 4 February 2006, voted unanimously to urge you to vote against these anticipated war appropriations... (Full Letter)