Sudbury Democratic Town Committee

P.O. Box 252

Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776


John Riordan
12 Pendleton Road
Sudbury, MA 01776


Henry Noer
55 Goodman's Hill Road
Sudbury, MA 01776

We believe that the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency was an American mistake. We believe that Donald Trump lacks knowledge of American history and a basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution. We believe he lacks appreciation for our governmental institutions and the separation of powers. He holds our judiciary in contempt and threatens our free press. He engages in conspiracy mongering and engenders fears. We believe he lacks compassion and empathy and exhibits racist and misogynistic attitudes. Please join us in resisting his destructive voice.

-- Upcoming SDTC Meetings --

The next SDTC meetings are

October 11th - Thursday - 7:00pm - Sudbury Grange Hall

November 8th, - Thursday - 7:00pm - Sudbury Grange Hall

-- Upcoming Events --

JOIN Sudbury Democrats as we canvas and hold signs!

We need to make sure that there is a real Blue Wave -- a Democratic Wave -- this November, and every November that follows! We need to make sure our candidates win! And there is something you can do:
We have been going door-to-door talking with our neighbors in Sudbury for a few months now. It's actually very easy -- we use a special campaign list, and most people are very friendly, though they may not have voted in mid-term elections. Just being visited by us is a powerful incentive for them -- we know this because they tell us this. We hand out campaign materials for all Democratic candidates.
We meet at 10:30 AM *sharp* on Saturday morning in the Sudbury Town Hall parking lot. We pair up -- if you haven't done this before or feel even slightly awkward, we always pair you with someone who is experienced. We go for two hours. This is not too long, but it gives a chance to contact a significant number of people.

If you haven't been doing this with us, we need you now! Your country needs you! And you will feel good when you do this.

Who We Are

The Sudbury Democratic Town Committee represents the Massachusetts Democratic Party in Sudbury. We advocate for Democratic values, policies and candidates. We urge all Sudbury residents to register to vote. We organize to support Democratic candidates, policies, and values. We speak out on public issues of local, state, and national concern through publications, events, media and the Internet. You are welcome to join us for a meeting.

Our Meetings

We meet once a month at one of two places:

  • The Grange Hall, 326 Concord Road, in Sudbury Center—this is at the intersection of Route 27 and Concord Road, right next to Town Hall. We meet on the second floor. You can get there either by a stairway or an elevator. Park in the Town Hall parking lot.

  • The Senior Center at the Fairbank Community Center—this is at the intersection of Fairbank Road and Hudson Road, right across the street from the soccer fields and playground. There's a parking lot right there.

All our meetings are from 7:00 — 9:00 PM, and all are open to the public. We are always happy to have people join us. Just show up — you don't need a reservation!